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The Recovery Plan's platform Library-on-loan, was born with the intention of making research material that exists in personal libraries shareable and accessible to an increasingly wider audience and to generate reflections on the construction of libraries and the relationship between personal and public scholarship. These texts are connected through their anchoring in and around people and cultures of African descendent. The books have been loaned to the center temporarily in an ever changing catalogue and can be consulted at the center in Via Santa Reparata 19r in Florence, Italy. They are the heart of our research center and provide a new space for sharing and reflection. Library on loan was initiated in 2019. Since its implementation at The Recovery Plan in 2021 has hosted the library of Pape Diaw (activist), of Tesfay Tewolde Yohannes(linguist) and of Justin Randolph Thompson (artist). The collection of books has been enhanced by donations from Archive Books and the gift of a range of children’s books from the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.