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The BHMF Team is currently working on the Fifth Edition of Black History Month Florence with plenty of new collaborations and events for you all. If you want to be a part or have events to suggest please contact

The thematic framework of the 5th edition of Black History Month Florence is OBBLIGATO:
Obbligato (obliged in english) is a meditation on social, moral and communal obligations. Drawing upon one of the founding principles of cosmopolitanism, that of a moral obligation towards all humans, this edition looks at what Leopold Senghor stated in a speech at Palazzo Vecchio in 1962 as Africa's role in world of restoring a full humanity so that the world may recover from the deficit rendered through oppression, exploitation and historical amnesia. In jazz Obbligato is a counter melody that can have equal importance and dominance as the central melody line. In a moment where media and numerous political leaders have pushed society to fear the extinguishing of one history through the inclusion of alternative perspectives, these events serve as a reminder that when we have multiple voices and histories we have a more full understanding of history itself and a restored sense of humanity for all.

More soon...