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Repose as Resistance
The Recovery Plan and Terra Foundation for American Art
June 28 - July 1 2023
The Terra Foundation for American Art’s Le Hameau
Giverny, France

Repose as Resistance is a collective born out of a symposium and retreat hosted by The Terra Foundation in Spring of 2023. Designed and coordinated by The Recovery Plan to generate a diasporic exchange between individuals within the European context working within or around the development of realities that bridge art and social activism. Four days of dialogue, workshops, tours and exchange intended to address new facets of research that could be employed in realization of a range of public facing events and collaborations across and beyond the Europe while establishing new forms of critical exchange around Blackness, diaspora and transnational collaborations fostered by an environment of collectivity. Designed as an incubator, the emerging ideas and strategies are collected and developed beyond this incubation period into toolkits for cross fertilization and methodologies that facilitate the emergence of new sites of collaboration.

Lisa Anderson
Maguette Dieng
Carl Martin Faurby
Jermay Michael Gabriel
Janine Gae?lle Dieudji
Edward Akintola (Akin) Hubbard
Marie Helene Pereira
Justin Randolph Thompson
Jean-Sylvain Tshilumba Mukendi
Mawena Yehouessi