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The Recovery Plan @ SRISA presents
Black History Fuori Mura

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“The theory and practice of revolution is bound to the way the individual emerges as a theoretical possibility and phenomenological actuality in and out of the revolutionary ensemble.”
Fred Moten, Black and Blur

The seventh edition of Black History Month Florence has arrived bringing with it a new cultural center The Recovery Plan at SRISA functioning as a hub for information, dialogues, research and exchange throughout the month. This edition also represents an expansion of the program shifting into Black History Fuori le Mura. Extending the reach of the program to collectivize the incredible organizational efforts being carried out in the cities of Bologna, Torino, Roma, but also pointing towards newly formed collaborations in Paris, Black History Fuori le Mura is the fruit of collective organization that brings together a range of associations, individuals and institutions and is a shared space for the co-promotion of Black History Month events. This platform intends to be generative of a template for a national and international reflection on the recovery of Black History.

This edition is framed through the thematic title FUGA. FUGA is a meditation on the fugitivity of Blackness (Moten, Harney 2013) and its non-fixity permeating geo-cultural realities and blurring the lines between the local and the transnational. It is also a reflection on the push back that continues to persist in the Italian context in relation to discourse around peoples and cultures of African descent prompting many towards flight. FUGA in music is a compositional element where a melodic theme is introduced by one voice only to be taken up successively by others. This edition wants to provide the call and response necessary to collectively engage in the work that needs to be done in order to move beyond the conceptions that are too often restricted by the flatness and limited frame of Blackness as reflected in mass media, institutional structures and academic discourse in Italy and beyond. Shifting from BHMF to BHFM is about engaging in a form of frequency modulation needed to listen and be heard.