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YGBI Research Residency and Training Program is a collective research project by BHMF realized in two editions through collaborations with Numeroventi, OCAD and The Student Hotel. Inviting Afro-Descendent artists under 35 years old residing in Italy to engage in 10-day research residency about diaspora, identity construction and collectivity, the residency unfolds through the ongoing support and mentorship of the artists that pass through its program connecting them to the broader network and facilitating institutional exhibitions and proposals.The second edition orchestrated as a collaboration with Numeroventi was held in February 2021 with Arlette Louise Ndakoze of SAVVY Contemporary as the mentor.

Kelly Costigliolo, b. 1993 (Genova, Italy), lives and works in Paris.
Adji Dieye, b. 1991 (Milan, Italy), lives and works in Milan.
Christian Offman, b. 1993 (Butare, Rwanda), lives and works in Bologna.
Silvia Rosi, b. 1992 (Scandiano, Italy), lives and works in Modena.