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The Recovery Plan is a pop up Black Cultural Center created by BHMF for as a form of institutional occupation and a hybrid platform for the diffusion of strategies and tactics for examining and sharing afro-Descendent peoples, histories and cultures. The project provides a research platform, exhibition venue, projection room and forum dedicated to Italian rooted meditations on Afro- Descendent cultures that seek to dismantle the expectations and shortcuts that too frequently undermine the complexity and diversity attestable to the African continent and its’ diaspora.

The Recovery Plan_Volume I:
In 2019, the first occupation of the project was held at the FONDAZIONE BIAGIOTTI PROGETTO ARTE in Florence and consisted of:
The Distance Between What We Know and What Can Work, the screening cycle titled, Projecting Beyond Futures and the pop up library, the project affords a glimpse of the broad range of cultural work and scholarship being carried out within the Italian panorama with a transnational focus that bridges the multiple communities that are part of the Florentine landscape.