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Born out of the over 300 events orchestrated, curated, coordinated or co-promoted by Black History Month Florence in its 8 editions and 9 research platforms The Recovery Plan @ SRISA was inaugurated in September 2021. Following pop up versions of the center in 2019 and 2020, The Recovery Plan is a research center that fosters transnational exchange around Afrodescendent cultures and peoples employing research, production and documentation in relation to cultural production as a means for examining the history and contemporary legacy of Blackness in a global context. Designed as a cultural repository, research center and exhibition space for art, performance, lectures and socially engaged education, the center hosts a range of events, seminars, workshops and residencies designed to reflect upon Italy as a historic site for cultural exchange. Presented as a range of platforms, the initiative is a rallying of voices designed to facilitate cross-cultural research and dialogue.

Connecting a range of Afrodescendent communities local to Italy with a broad based network of cultural institutions and universities transnationally, the center nourishes an archive and library for the study of Afrodescendent cultures in support of the training and support of its partners. An active site for transnational dialogue, the center collaborates with organizations and institutions throughout Italy and beyond to provide a space for research and cultural development seeking to rectify the absence of a critical engagement of the historic relationship between Italy and Africa while simultaneously forging a new vision of contemporary Italy’s cultural make up. The center is a space for critical thinking and recovery from historical inaccuracy and the recovering of histories that still await narration.

See images of the new space here.

Black History Month Florence is coordinated and organized by the Associazione Culturale BHMF founded in 2018 which is a registered Non-Profit in Italy. We thank you for your donation which allows us to advance our ongoing projects assuring that our team and collaborators are adequately retributed.