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Fischi per Fiaschi vol. II_Scuola Popolare

Scuola Popolare_
Villa Romana
Exercises in disorientation
BHMF and The Recovery Plan

Fischi per Fiaschi was designed in the context of the first edition of Scuola Popolare at
Villa Romana as a direct response to a desire to share time and space without the need for intermediary icebreakers or moderators and as a form of holding space where all forms of knowledge production are seen as opportunities for profound or simple exchange. The format is about putting our minds and bodies to work in a format where two dimensions that are critical to social nourishment and a critical questioning are centralized, that of specificity and that of positionality. In a certain sense both of these dimensions are a terrain that is best explored in collectivity. In order to grapple with nuance and complexity we have to be willing to address all that grounds us in society and before we inquire into the pools of knowledge that surround us we must share that which we hold. This second volume is dedicated to recovery of Forms of being together and from social isolation that has riddled the past year.

Fischi per Fiaschi is a series of intersectional workshops, dialogues and exercises guided by facilitators across artistic disciplines that follow and lead participants in a process of disorientation and reorientation with the objective of elaborating positionalities, highlighting ignorance as potential for growth and decentralizing the self in relation to a range of areas of cultural production involving storytelling, forms of self representation, socio-spiritual healing and the relationship between personal and public communities. Each session is accompanied by a hands-on collective workshop re-purposing a Tuscan tradition, “l’impagliatura dei fiaschi”. The phrase prendere fischi per fiaschi alludes to forms of confusion or drastic errors in perception.

This second volume is composed of four workshop sessions that provoke the unsettling of our perceptions and prejudices as keys to accessing a destabilized reflection on knowledge production and relays strategies for elaborating and fostering processes of collectivity. Using the metaphor of the impagliatura dei fiaschi originally employed to alleviate fragility as a means for occupying our hands and minds, each session pushes the facilitator along with the other participants towards acts of rendering the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar. The interventions and workshops employ a reflexive verbs as thematic frameworks geared towards alternative forms of language, exchange and sharing, are each flanked by a meditative practice of weaving and wrapping while the final session brings about a process of collective study. The platform is developed and coordinated by BHMF and The Recovery Plan as a form of didactic development with a range of protagonists from our network. The BHMF team also provides hands on assistance for facilitating the sessions and activates outreach towards partner institutions for the solicitation of participants.

JULY 1 | I. Raccontarsi_ Georges Senga at Villa Romana
JULY 8 | II. Conoscersi_ Silvia Rosi at Villa Romana
JULY 22 | III. Curarsi_ Musa Michelle MattiuzzI at The Recovery Plan @ SRISA
JULY 29 | IV. Rapprasentarsi_ Banji Chona at Casa del Popolo del Galuzzo